Firm Culture

Firm Culture

There are a variety of factors that set Cox, Castle & Nicholson apart from other law firms.

We have a competitive advantage. By consistently focusing our practice on the representation of businesses, institutions, and individuals involved in all aspects of the real estate industry, we are able to provide our clients with a unique depth and breadth of experience in handling real estate projects and activities.

Our legal secretaries are a valuable part of our team. Legal secretaries are generally paired with 3-4 attorneys and are an invaluable part of the team that services our clients.

Our associates receive better assignments and opportunities. Our cases and deals are leanly staffed, which allows even our most junior associates to do the kind of legal work traditionally reserved for more senior attorneys at other firms. First-year associates at our firm have opportunities to work directly with clients, negotiate deals, argue motions in court, take and defend depositions, and draft key legal documents, all with the assistance and supervision of more senior attorneys, as appropriate.

Our attorneys tend to stay with the firm. We provide our attorneys with the opportunity, training, tools, and autonomy needed to excel. While most big firms lose two-thirds or more of their associates within their first five years, two-thirds of the associates who joined Cox, Castle & Nicholson in the last five years are still with the firm. In addition, many of our partners started their careers at Cox, Castle & Nicholson as summer clerks and have spent their entire careers here.

Our associates are not solely departmentalized or compartmentalized. Although individuals primarily work with the attorneys on their team, they also have ample opportunity and are encouraged to work with attorneys on other teams so that they can expand the breadth of their expertise.

We have adopted a five-day business casual dress policy. We have a business casual dress code at Cox, Castle & Nicholson. Business suits are not required unless you have a meeting or are appearing in court. On Friday, attorneys and staff are permitted to wear jeans. This policy reflects the firm’s culture of promoting diversity and individuality, while continuing to adhere to the highest professional standards.

We promote individual initiative. While other firms tend to stifle their employees' initiative, we pride ourselves on consistently being able to "think outside of the box" and encourage everyone to bring new ideas to the table.

We support our associates' client development efforts. This is a distinguishing feature of the firm's culture. We help our attorneys understand the business of our clients and our firm in addition to learning the practice of law. We also encourage them to become leaders in their practice areas, and make sure they have direct client contact and responsibility, even in the early years of their practice. In our view, the sooner an associate can market not only his or her area of expertise but the services of the firm overall, the greater the business development potential for that individual and the firm. Attorneys are strongly encouraged to participate in industry and trade organizations, real estate conferences and in-house lectures and "interest groups." Our goal is to help our associates develop the solid lawyering skills necessary to give them the confidence and ability to become effective advocates for our clients.